Using Zapier & Gmail To Automate Recurring Design Requests

Zapier is a free service that helps you automate tasks. To set up a recurring design request, go to to create a free Zapier account.

Once you've created a Zapier account follow the steps below to connect Zapier to Gmail to send a recurring email to our customer service team to request a graphic design.

1. From within your Zapier account click on the "Make A Zap" button.

2. For the "Trigger" step type "Schedule" into the search field and select "Schedule by Zapier."

3. Select "Every Week' then click on the "Save & Continue" button.

4. Select the day of the week and time of day that you want to automatically send a request to us.

5. For the "Action" step type "Gmail" into the search field and select "Gmail."

6. Select "Send Email"

7. If you have a Gmail account connected to Zapier it will appear here. If not select "Connect an Account" and enter your gmail credentials into the window that pops up.

8. Enter [email protected] into the "To" field.

9. In the "Subject" field enter a short description of the design request. In the "Body" field enter a detailed description of your request. Be sure to include design dimensions, file types, etc. Be sure to include a link to any assets or resources you would like us to use.

Since this is a recurring design request, the message will always be the same so be sure to write a generic template that makes sense. We recommend referencing the order number of a previous design request so we can refer to that for more details.

10. Click on "Skip Test"

11. Click on "Finish"

12. Click on the switch to toggle your Zap to "ON."

That's it!

If we have any questions or need clarification we'll reply to get more information from you.

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